Why a blog?

Why have I created this blog? Aren’t there enough other sites to visit to read about your Nutrition and Lifestyle Analytics? What is the point in another?

All of these are valid questions, so here is why I am doing this:

-I want to be able to share with you some of the excellent work being done by my team at Leeds, shared all in one place.

-Nutrition and lifestyle analytics are an emerging field within data science and health research. It is an interdisciplinary space and research is coming from research areas that are not necessarily pure nutrition, physical activity or obesity related. In my work, I pull some of these ideas together, and this blog is a home for that work.

-Universities have their own web pages. There is researchgate, googlescholar, academia.edu, github and many more…. Some of these are for sharing ‘finished’ work, some are for work in progress. Ideas and projects can be shared, but here I plan to make it all available from one place.

-This site will bring you what is new in Nutrition and Lifestyle Analytics research, with a personal touch.

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